You cant sit with me.

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So, I'm trying to figure something out. I've recently read Post Office by Charles Bukowski, and well. I'm very frustrated, its an amazing story, and its cunning, funny, crude, provocative, and everything else that makes me love Bukowski. I JUST DON'T GET IT. I know its written from the view point of his fictional alter-ego Chinaski, but com'on man. THERE IS NO REASON BEHIND HIM WRITING THIS BOOK. WHY DID HE DO IT?! -end rant-

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But on that onerous day, oppressed beyond relief, my own mortality was borne in upon me on sluggish tides of doom.
Maya Angelou

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You bought a star in the sky tonight
And in your man-made dark
The light inside you died

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An elderly man at my church called me sweetheart, I am not your sweetheart.

I am fire.

I am lightning.

I am a hurricane, destroying everything I love.

I am a liar, and a good one too. 

I am no ones sweetheart.

Oh and just one more thing..

You won’t see me coming.